January 31, 2011

Understanding the Ethno-cultural Foods Market

The ECVOntario team subscribes to the view that we need to eat local and taste global.

The demographics of Ontario - especially the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)- have changed and there is a need for a concerted effort to promote the new vegetables introduced to the country by the three largest cultural groups (South Asians, Chinese and Afro-Caribbeans).

The team defines  a vegetable as the edible root, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds of a plant while ethno-cultural vegetables are foods that are normally consumed by particular groups that share the same cultural identity or heritage. It is a usually a grocery store term and not a botanist (scientific) classification. These set of crops are usually found in the produce section of  grocery stores or supermarkets.

Please join us on this journey in the pursuit of knowledge - the benefits and challenges of ECV market.

Bamidele Adekunle
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